Mar 3, 2015

A key to healthy living!

healthy livingIf you are the health conscious type, and you are into fitness and training, you will know that taking supplements to build up mass is sometimes necessary. If you want to develop mass, one of the best supplements that you can take is whey protein. This is a mixture of globular proteins which is isolated from whey. The protein in cow’s milk is 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein.

Whey protein is a great source of amino acids and is beneficial for reducing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and it even helps in reducing cancer. In an abundant source, whey is found in the form of branched-chain amino acids and this helps to stimulate protein synthesis or generation.

Whey protein is easily available these days in both brick and mortar Australian’s stores as well as online. Waste no time in thinking about whether you should buy this supplement or not. It is beneficial in more than one way. It is absolutely safe to consume as it does not contain any extra hormones or chemicals. It is very easy to digest and is 100% natural.

Reasons why you should include whey protein in your diet are as follows:

  • Studies and researches suggest that when whey protein is consumed shortly after vigorous exercise, it can boost muscle hypertrophy – which basically means that it will help to boost muscle development and therefore an increase in volume takes place. You will not only increase in size but also strength.
  • It is known that whey protein allows your body to reduce fat, yet preserve the muscles.
  • Surprisingly, this drink also helps you to reduce your appetite and you automatically start feeling less hungry. So you should really consider taking this drink as a supplement!
  • Drinking whey protein regularly prevents you from the risk of cancer, especially colon and prostate cancer. Thus it also has additional benefits.
  • Some of you will be happy to learn that this drink helps one to cope with stress and depression. Next time you feel depressed opt for whey protein instead of the booze!
  • This drink also helps your gastrointestinal, nervous and immune system. Thus it is good for your health on the whole.

If you are wondering as to whether you should take in protein pre or post workout, it is a good idea to opt for pre-workout. This is because ingesting protein and amino acids prior to training is much more beneficial than post-workout. Consumption of protein prior to training increases protein synthesis and also increases amino acid delivery and uptake by muscles while you are working out. It will also help you to burn more calories as protein and energy substrates have an added metabolic effect. Muscle protein synthesis has the capacity to stay elevated as long as three hours. Thus there is a carryover effect of nutrients that take place in the pre-workout period. Subsequently, the elevation of blood amino acids is great in preventing excessive post-workout muscle breakdown.

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