Dec 12, 2016

All about blue light therapy

blue light therapyThe concept of alternative medicine is gaining of a lot of vibe in the field of medication as more and more people are getting familiar with its benefits. One of the most renowned therapies of alternative medicine is blue light therapy. This therapy, also known as photodynamic therapy, is known to be the best cure for various ailments related to skin and health.

Working of Blue Light Therapy

The natural blue light or sometimes even violet light is used in this procedure which basically enables the activation of certain drugs which are photosensitive in nature. These non-toxic variants of the drug get activated to attack the pernicious cells to kill them eventually. The oxygen molecule released during the activation of the drug is mainly responsible for destroying the cancerous or precancerous cells which are responsible for causing various types of skin ailments. Due to the effective results of the blue light therapy, it is now also used in the treatment of acne, sleep disorders, depression and other periodic diseases which are among the most common problems faced by the youth of today’s generation.

The light is transmitted in the form of waves within the epidermis which destroys or neutralizes the effect of the dangerous cells which harming the nearby cells. The blue light therapy is also capable of acting within the oil glands of the skin where most of the bacteria reside hence preventing the occurrence of ailments like acne and pimples. Moreover, the heat produced during the transmission also helps in shrinking in oil glands.

Benefits of Blue Light Therapy

This form of therapy is becoming increasingly popular among the masses due to its various advantages and fewer side effects. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • The neutralization of the disease-causing bacteria helps to promote proper functioning of the liver which also enables to maintain the mood and circadian rhythm of the body.
  • This therapy is 100 percent natural as no artificial chemicals are used in this process. This process is approved by the FDA, hence the user, without any fears at home for treatment of common ailments.
  • This treatment is very patient-friendly, i.e. during this process the patient would cure of his/her ailments without feeling any sort of pain, burning or itching sensation on the skin.
  • This therapy can be used to cure patients of any age as it does not have any side effect on the body. It can also be used for treating infants.

Side effects of Blue Light Therapy

Though there are no serious side effects of this therapy however a certain amount of care should be taken while performing this therapy. Direct contact with the eye should be avoided if is being used near the eye or face area. One can also wear the special type of glasses in order to protect the eyes. The strong glare of the light can harm the eye to a great extent.

Thus, if you are planning to get a skin treatment done you can opt for this treatment as it would definitely give you the desired results without causing any pain.

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