Apr 5, 2017

Beauticians in the making

The Skin and Makeup Institute is one of the best beauty schools in Phoenix. The institute has been running successfully for the past 16 years and continues to do so. This institute was established by the dynamic duo, husband and wife team, Tim and Jackie Bryant. With the assistance and guidance of the best staff, this institute has been able to set standards of passion to the skincare and beauty industry.

The institute is well known for its commitment towards training students for excellence and provides the world with the best beauticians. The Skin and Makeup Institute was established in the year 2000 and was the only beauty school in the state of Arizona. This institute is licensed and focuses only on skin and makeup education. As mentioned earlier, they have the best education faculty. They also have an online based hybrid aesthetics training which provides you an improved curriculum that has a friendly class environment and hands-on teaching. It aims at providing an educational environment that is designed particularly for you to become the upcoming talent in the beauty and skincare industry.

The educators of this institute have a great experience and training and also bring the real world expertise to the students for better understanding. These abilities make students ready for various diverse situations. The training and education provided in this institute rewards the graduates with authorization that enable the students to access into salon, spa/resort, medical or entertainment industry. The Skin and Makeup Institute is dedicated to train capable students with the marketable gears to obtain occupation in the industry of aesthetics.

Based on the selection of the program, students are trained and are made proficient in:

  • Modern and advanced spa treatments
  • Identifying the all-time changing styles of beauty and makeup
  • Advanced technology and treatment procedure in the field of medical environment
  • Skills required to obtain license from the Arizona Board of Cosmetology

The four programs that are taught in this institute are:

  • 600 hour licensed aesthetic program

This program supports you to comprehend and learn the working and mechanism of your skin. You will get to learn various salon and spa procedures. With the help of these teachings you will be able to perform all types of facial and body treatments. You will also be trained to perform some of the clinical treatments that help in the correction of skin disorders. Each and every student has to perform state board testing and weekly written tests to assure the level of self-confidence required for passing the state board’s examinations.

  • Professional makeup Artistry

This program is the best if you wish to be a Stand-Out Makeup Artist. You will be a Professional Makeup Artist and you can build your career as you wish. This program will be guided exclusively by artists who are famous in the industry for creating images for television, red carpet, movies, editorial, and various major magazines. The classes are planned so as to accommodate students of all skill levels and to prepare the students for professional challenges and photographic freelance opportunities.

  • Aesthetics for medical office

In a progressively growing world for plastic surgeons, aesthetic perfectionists, dermatologists and reconstructive surgeons, the demand for well trained professionals is increasing. Many skin care establishments have created an impression that an aesthetician can provide a better patient satisfaction with their professional talents. Thus, this institute prepares you to be all ready for any such challenges.

  • Continuing Education

Various other aesthetic classes are also conducted here like eyelash extension, dermablading, ayurvedic ski typing, manual lymphatic drainage and many more. All of these classes are taught by professional and well trained faculty. The students are trained to obtain aesthetic license to practice on their own.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to be a professional makeup artist or a professional skin care consultant? Then join the Skin and Makeup Institute today. Learn all the modern techniques and get hands-on training in creating some great artistic works. You can also teach the students if you are a make-up artist or a skin care specialist. The career opportunity in this institute is also good. Log on to http://www.skinandmakeupinstitute.com/ today and know more about the programs and services provided by the best beauty school.

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