Aug 1, 2017

Brighten up your smile with proper a set of Teeth

dental examining being given to little girl by dentist

Teeth are those precious possessions of a body that help to make you look beautiful. Onelooks beautiful when he or she smiles and the smiles become beautiful only if you have proper set of white teeth. People mostly forget to take good care of the teeth. Brushing is not the only way of taking care of your teethand you must consult a good dentist for regular check up to maintain the good health of the teeth. You and all the members of your family must visit dentist Melbourne CBD of QV Dental to make your smile brighter and beautiful.

QV Dental is a well-known dental clinic in Melbourne that offers a wide range of dental services. Its clinic is open all the 7 days of a week, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Here is a list of all the services that are offered by the professional and experienced dentists of QVDental-

  • Crowns

Gold, porcelain or a combination of both are used to make crowns. These teeth are quite strong but the colour of the crown fades away with time and they also become weak. The process includes only two stages.At the initial appointment, the dentist prepares your tooth and removes a layer of the tooth. The dentist also does the filling to make enough space to fit the crown over the existing tooth. The crown is then handcrafted by a ceramist within two weeks. In the meantime, your tooth will be protected by an acrylic temporary crown. A good looking tooth in the interim will also be provided by this temporary crown.

  • Bridges

If you have a gap between two teeth, then you should go for a bridge. After preparing two teeth, a porcelain is used by the dentist to connect the two crowns. The look and function of the pontic are same as your missing teeth. Bridges are available in different forms, shapes and materials. You can also opt for Dentures and Implants instead of Bridges.

  • Veneers

Veneers are made up of porcelain to hide the front surface of faded, misplaced or misshaped teeth. The processhas two stages. Two weeks will be taken to complete the process of veneerssetting. You can also go for orthodontics, Invisalign composite resin restoration or porcelain crowns instead of veneers.

  • Dental Implants

Dental implant is the best substitute of a lost natural tooth. Natural teeth are stimulated in function and appearance by implants. The three components- the titanium implant, the porcelain crown and the abutment are consisted of by dental implants. The root portion of a tooth is stimulated by the implant and the crown is used to connect the implant and the crown. Implants come in a variety of forms from a single piece to a full arch replacement.

Thus, the clinic of QV Dental in Melbourne must be visited by you to get the expert guidance to enhance the beauty of your teeth and your smile.

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