Mar 15, 2017

Caregiver training program in Arizona

All people in the world are very caring towards their loved ones at home. But it is an emotionally and physically tiresome job to sit at home all the time for caring your loved ones. The highest quality home care in the Northwest Valley and Sun City is delivered by Care from the Heart and at a very affordable price.

A rewarding training program and career path are offered by care from the heart with a lot of benefits. A home caregiver employment in Arizona is arranged by them. They also have a very competitive pay scale. You can apply for the job at Care from the Heart, if you have an experience with non-medical in-home care or you are a certified caregiver or nurse.

These caregivers of Care from the Heart act either as primary personal care service providers or as supplements to your existing caregivers. Compassionate and friendly services with a personal touch are offered by them to each of their customers. Support for your loved ones will be provided to you by them. They have thousands of happy families who are highly satisfied with the quality of care and support. All the caregivers of Care from the Heart are so capable that they can take care of any kind of person in your family.

Caregiver Training Program

  • Care from the Heart is a non-medical home care service company in Arizona with more than 32 years of experience in this field of care giving. The state of Arizona has given the approval to them to start a new Assisted Living Caregiver Training Program in Arizona.
  • This training program is a 104 hours course. Various topics ranging from Caring for the Cognitive Impair, Fire & Safety Preparedness to Basic Caregiver Skills are covered by this course. It has total 14 modules. You have to pass in all these 14 examinations so that you can apply for proctored examination to get the certificate.
  • This caregiver training program is actually made for Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. All the students are prepared so very well that they can provide nice in-home care to their clients. Care from the Heart is the best home care agency in Arizona to certify the best caregivers.
  • All the instructors of this agency are LPN and Executive Directors for Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona. They are offering services to the community of Arizona for more than 20 years. So, if you want to pursue a career in caregiving, then enroll your name in this training program to receive the best training in Arizona. You will be prepared not to just take care of ailments, but of the entire person.
  • Each class of this course is consisted of maximum 8 students, so that the instructors can provide individual attention to each of their students. A better atmosphere is created in the class so that the students can learn all the vital information of this field.

If you are eligible for this caregiver training program, join today to build a successful career in this field.

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