Jul 24, 2017

The advantages of Abdominoplasty surgery

Abdominoplasty surgery - 1

Most people, in general, like to stay fit and healthy. People have now become highly health conscious to maintain a perfectly shaped figure. There are various ways to provide a proper shape to your body. One of such ways is surgery. The remodeling of your lower abdomen is involved in abdominoplasty surgery is also known as a tummy tuck. The lower abdomen undergoes many changes due to weight loss or pregnancy. Tummy tuck helps to correct those changes to provide you a flat abdomen.

Physical changes

The ligaments of the pelvic floor, anterior and lateral abdominal walls and pelvis are relaxed by the release of a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy. The ligaments of the lateral and abdominal walls are stretched in the third trimester due to the pressure from the baby. There is also a stretching of the skin overlying the lower abdomen. Even after the delivery of the baby, you may not get back the same looking abdomen as it was before your delivery. The normal hourglass shape of the woman body is completely lost due to excessive skin in the lower abdomen. The same condition happens when someone loses a large amount of weight suddenly. These lower abdominal changes can be corrected with the help of Abdominoplasty surgery.

What is involved with Abdominoplasty surgery?

Only two elements – tightening of the skin of the lower abdomen and tightening of the abdominal musculature are involved in abdominoplasty surgery. Doctors may or may not move the umbilicus according to the body requirement of the patient. Doctors make a fine incision of about 10-30 cm across the lower skin of the abdomen to tighten it. The muscles of the lower abdominal wall are accessed by the surgeon to tighten them through the incision. Dissolving sutures are used to close the wound after the retightening of the skin. Surgeons normally apply a series of Steri Strips, waterproof dressing, and gauze on top of the suture line. About two hours is the time taken to complete an Abdominoplasty surgery.

Recovery from surgery

This surgery is not painful and it requires maximum rest to recover soon. On average, approximately 4 to 6 weeks of absolute rest is required by most of the people who undergo this surgery. Exercise or heavy physical activity should also be avoided during the postoperative period. You should not go to the gym or for swimming for a minimum of six weeks. Doctors generally suggest walking gently after ten days.

Risks of surgery

  • Though very rare, but allergic reactions may occur after undergoing tummy tuck surgery.
  • The accumulation of blood in the large veins in the lower legs may also occur as the side effect of this surgery.
  • Problems with the healing of abdominal wound are also experienced by many patients after a successful surgery.
  • Wound healing problem is mostly faced by smokers, as the small blood vessels within the tissue are constricted due to smoking.
  • Bleeding in the tissues is one of the common risks of tummy tuck surgery.

Thus, you can also give your abdomen a proper shape by tightening and re-fashioning the skin of your lower abdomen with the help of Abdominoplasty surgery.

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