Jun 28, 2016

The benefits of organic Spirulina

Spirulina weight loss

Spirulina is named as the “Best Food for the Future” by the United Nations for its high nutrient content that helps you to lose weight. Spirulina is an algae of blue green colour that grows in fresh warm water. It is one of the earliest forms of one-celled organisms on Earth. According to the scientists, Spirulina produces much of the oxygen which is beneficial for life on this planet. Cakes made of Spirulina are the staple food of the Aztecs. Nowadays, it is also being produced on a large scale. Spirulina weight loss is becoming more widespread in the Western world as well.

General health benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina has been known to offer several benefits. These are –

  • Spirulina contains vitamins, proteins, minerals and fatty acids. It contains essential amino acids like phenylalanine, tryptophan and tyrosine. All these help you to become fit and healthy.
  • Spirulina is a great supplement for losing weight.
  • Spirulina acts as a pre-biotic supplement. It helps for better digestion by promoting the growth of friendly bacteria.
  • C-phycocyanine is contained by Spirulina which has anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a detoxifier.
  • Anti-oxidant properties are also contained by Spirulina to shield your body from free radicals. Spirulina protects against cancer and helps to boost the immune system.

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Functions of Spirulina

  • Reduces blood sugar level – The reason of increasing body weight is the increase in the level of blood sugar. For a healthy weight loss regime, you need to balance your sugar level. Intake of Spirulina for two months helps to reduce the level of blood sugar in the body.
  • Suppresses hunger – You feel hungry when you don’t eat sufficient protein food. Spirulina is the best food supplement of vegetarian protein. It helps to decrease your appetite if you take it one hour before your meals. So, losing weight is very easy with the help of Spirulina.
  • Boosts energy – Spirulina can transform food into energy as it contains B vitamins like B6, B5, B3, B2, and B1. Hence, it acts as a great workout supplement.

How to take Spirulina?

  • It is available as flakes, tablets and powder.
  • You can add the powder into liquids and drink it.
  • You can sprinkle Spirulina flakes on soups or salads.
  • You can also take Spirulina in the form of a tablet.

Organic Spirulina – A complete supplement for weight loss

A natural supplement is always a safe option to lose weight. The chemical supplements can damage your heart and is an unsafe way of losing weight. Organic Spirulina is a natural supplement which is the best choice. It helps to reduce weight naturally without affecting your health. It can burn off the extra calories by providing natural metabolism boosters. Spirulina converts the stored fat directly into energy and thus, boosts your energy and makes you active. It helps to burn up the fat much quicker than the other supplements.

Thus, rely on the benefits of organic Spirulina and choose it as a healthier option for losing weight. Combine spirulina with your regular diet for experiencing amazing results.

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